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Draft July 1, 2022 Population Estimates


The State Demography Office (SDO) within the Colorado Department of Local Affairs has prepared the July 1, 2022 draft population estimates. The population estimates, once finalized, will be used for a variety of purposes including the distribution of Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) lottery funds to your jurisdiction.

The July 1, 2022 estimates are based on the April 1, 2020 Census, plus annual data on births, deaths, net migration, change in group quarters facilities, and housing unit change. The estimates for the previous year will be different than the one released this year because of updated data.

For an in depth explanation of the methodology click here.

Review the draft population estimates:

On this website, use the drop down menu to select your area. To view data for your county's unincorporated areas, please scroll to the bottom of the list. Counties are alphabetized after the word "Unincorporated." Please review all of the variables for your community as they are used to create the population estimates. County-level components of change can be viewed here

Submitting Challenges

If you disagree with the numbers or question some of the input data, please let us know by Friday, July 14, 2023. Population challenges are most effective when a jurisdiction provides data more accurate than those currently informing SDO calculations. In the absence of such data, local governments are still encouraged to contact SDO to resolve any issues.

Contact Nancy Gedeon (303-864-7755) at the State Demography Office with challenges, questions, or concerns about the population estimates by Friday, July 14, 2023.

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