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Census 2020 Data and Updates to Colorado Population Estimates and Forecasts

The State Demography Office produces population estimates and forecasts by age and race and ethnicity, as well as estimates for migration, housing units and households. The current population and housing estimates for 2010-2020 as well as the forecasts for 2021-2050 are based on the 2020 Census count.

  • 2020 Census Data
  • Population and Household Estimates for Colorado Counties and Municipalities, 2020

    Population Data

    Population totals are available for the following geographies:

    Note: The State Demography Office updates its population estimates and forecasts annually in the fall. The current estimates are based on 2020 Census count population totals and are re-benched each decade with the release of the decennial Census count.

    Additional Population information:

    Also Available: